Who are we?
Sherwood students are pre-kindergarteners through fifth graders.  We are diverse and our families represent many cultures.  We wear uniforms to school.  We like to learn!

Sherwood Elementary School  was established in the Fall of 1968.  We celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2004 with the opening of a new library and a new gym. In 2018, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our school. We are proud of our  diverse population of over 400 students. 

We offer balanced literacy, math programs, hands-on science,  and  up-to-date social studies programs. All of our students attend Music and Art classes weekly and Health Fitness at least three times a week. We have services for Gifted and Talented students, students with special needs, and programs for remediation. 

We have on-site after school care provided by the YMCA as well as pick-up from a variety of area daycare centers.

We were the first elementary school in Spring Branch to have the Accelerated Reader Program which we call SHARP. This is a incentive based reading enrichment program geared to encourage students to read more.