Campus Improvement Team

Our campus improvement team is a group of Sherwood faculty members, parents and community members that work together to achieve the following:

  • creating long and short-term achievement goals for our students
  • creating and approving a budget in order to procure instructional materials and training for our teachers

Click below to view the 2020-21 Campus Improvement Plan.





CIT Business Representative Form in English

CIT Business Representative Form in Spanish

CIT Parent Representative Form in English

CIT Parent Representative Form in Spanish

CIT Community Representative Form in English

CIT Community Representative Form in Spanish


Member Roster 2020-2021

Position/Term Ends

Name # of Years Position (Staff/Community)
Sarah Salas unlimited Principal
Eleana Vavasour 2 of 2 Teacher Representative (Specialist)
Carmen Cordova Rolon 2 of 2 Teacher (Intermediate Level)
Jermaine Hudson 2 of 2 Teacher (HF Specialist)
Alexis Stewart 1 of 2 Teacher Representive (SpEd Teacher)
Ande Aguilar 1 of 2 Parent Representative
Maria Sandoval 1 of 2 Parent Representative
Natasha Goins 2 of 2 Parent Representative
Mohadeseh Simorgh 2 of 2 Parent Representative
Mary Jackson 2 of 2 Community Representative
Leslie Wylie 2 of 2 District Liaison
Aime Antignolo unlimited Assistant Principal


Member Roster for 2021-2022


# of Years

Position (Staff/Community)

Email address

Sarah Salas



Amie Antignolo


assistant principal

Alexis Stewart

2 of 2

Teacher (SpEd Teacher)

Ande Aguilar

2 of 2


Emily Shushtari

1 of 2


DeLisa Strege

1 of 2

Teacher (Primary)

Dana Wade

1 of 2

Teacher (Art Teacher)

Jennifer Sharp

1 of 2



Community Representative


Business Representative


Lisa Davis

1 of 2

District Representative